“The exquisite emotional layering in playwright Stefan Marks’, OPHELIA brings to mind the expression, ‘tortured genius’. Starring as the lead character (Son) in his new play, Marks has done nothing less than bring his A-game to both the writing and execution of the production. He sleepwalks the liminal space between his rational, depressive self and his passionate desire for connection, attempting to avoid his heart. Yet, he nevertheless is pulled closer to what he really wants. So, when true love (Her – Tatum Langton) walks right into the tea shop one day, he almost blows his one chance at true fulfillment for the both of them. But luckily, only ‘almost’. His reaction is nothing short of comical, sad, foolish, and disastrously, hilariously, utterly human. OPHELIA is part poetic fever dream and part esoteric excavation. Most of all, it is a profoundly intimate treatise of the self that is expressively beautiful. RECOMMENDED.” – Tracey Paleo, (GIA ON THE MOVE)

These powerful characters and their simple goals of love and meaning in the spiraling careen of our wild and unruly lives shook me, changed me, opened something up. In the way that powerful prose does or poetry or a song you can’t shake. The story resonated, the discovery and rediscovery these characters make through each other and with each other made an impact…the way only the most brilliant art can do. It’s extremely funny too, in a very clever, dry way. Stefan Marks is a beautiful writer. An excellent actor and, with the magical casting of this phenomenal play, a wonderful director. Deborah Geffner as the mother is profoundly good, a revelation in fact and the marvelous Tatum Langton as the woman is incandescent and extraordinary. We believe that any man could fall instantly for her, such is the exquisite nuance of her performance. Ophelia is a truly exceptional play. Full of mystical magical meaning and dark heartache but also imbued with an intense hopefulness and light. I absolutely loved it and cannot recommend this gorgeous play enough and I hope you find the time to see it. I’m sure it will be nominated for absolutely everything…it deserves it. Loved it!”  – Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros (NOHO ARTS DISTRICT.COM)

“For the first 20 minutes of Ophelia, a visiting production playing at the Odyssey Theatre through May 18, I wanted to look away. It felt too private, like I was eavesdropping on a conversation that wasn’t meant to be overheard.  Geffner and Langton play their parts with a fierceness that makes their stories — however strange — completely believable. Ophelia — in all its memory lapses and uncomfortable places — is worth it.  Just bring a friend so you have someone to help you put the pieces together when it’s all over.” – Melissa Heckscher (BROADWAY WORLD)

“Marks not only treats audiences to the most entertaining and mind-blowing of comedies but delivers a quirky, engaging star turn that merits added snaps for a showstopper of a beat poetry slam. Geffner dazzles as the most deliciously off-kilter of mothers (who really does say the darnedest things) and Langton is so captivating in dual roles that I found myself thinking, ‘Where has this actress been all my play-reviewing life?’” – Steven Stanley (STAGE SCENE LA)

“With a title like Ophelia, it would be easy to assume that Stefan Marks’ new play about dementia, loneliness, and grief is a woeful, meditative tear-jerker. And though Marks does carefully examine the tragic nature of these themes, he also unearths a deeper, truer portrait of memory loss and death – one of love, murder, momma’s boys, and science fiction (obviously). Despite its heavier themes, Ophelia is firmly a dramedy, and not the kind with a joke or two sprinkled amidst dark dramatic irony, but a thoroughly funny production, carried by the heart and banter of its characters.  Ophelia is a thoroughly entertaining evening, maintaining intrigue and heart throughout. With snappy dialogue reminiscent of David Ives’ All in the Timing, Ophelia is off-beat, charming, and the most hopeful production about dementia I’ve ever seen.” – Sika Lonner (Larchmont Buzz)

“The play begins with Mom (the luminous Deborah Geffner) and her recently divorced, middle-aged Son (Marks) who has moved back in with her to assist in both their transitions, sorting through Mom’s ‘boxes of memories’ to decide which items she will take with her into a long-term memory care facility, keep in the attic, or simply throw away. But then, unexpectedly, Son meets Her (Tatum Langton).  The two are so likeable and well suited for each other, you can’t help but root for them.  Stefan Marks’ heartfelt performance, along with his effective staging all the necessary emotional outbursts and reconciliations, will pull you into the story while wondering WHAT might happen next. And when? And will each find their own true destiny amid their quest to fix a broken life?” – Shari Barrett (STAGE AND CINEMA)

“Marks helms the existential production with a light hand while the tangible world slips into the proverbial rabbit hole. Kudos to the cast, with special note of Geffner’s splendid performance as Mom, a performance which neatly balances the tragic with the comic. The production team – Mark Svastics for lighting and set design, Stephen Epstein for sound, and Paula Higgins for costumes – makes valuable contributions to the overall mood and ambience. Throughout, there is an otherworldly quality to the show which resists conventional boundaries.” – Elaine Mura (LA SPLASH MAGAZINE)

“Great opening!  The visiting production of Ophelia at the Odyssey Theatre by Null Set Productions is written and brilliantly directed by Stefan Marks. The story is interesting but complex. The talented and enthusiastic cast digs into the roles with passion and excitement, creating the world of Ophelia. Similar to Shakespeare’s ‘Ophelia’ there is a lot of madness, complexity and memory loss expressed in the play.” – Amalisha HuEck (Discover Hollywood Magazine)

MOM is heading to memory care.  Her divorced, middle-aged SON moves back home to assist with the transition.  Determined that her lineage doesn’t die out, Mom pleads with him to grow up and find someone of baby-making age before it’s too late. Son meets HER, a younger woman whose mother is also in memory care. Hitting it off immediately, they both feel certain they’ve done this dance many times before. From playwright/director Stefan Marks comes a time-shifting journey of tragedy, love, dementia, beat poets, strippers, blood spatter, doppelgängers, saying goodbye and ultimately appreciating those who came before us.

Ophelia runs 95 minutes and will be performed without intermission.  Adult themes, gun shot sound effect.

The Cast


Deborah is an actress, writer, director, filmmaker, animal-lover, and mom. Her claim to fame is that Bob Fosse picked her out of the Broadway production of A Chorus Line and cast her as Victoria in his film All That Jazz. Her other roles range from the boy in The Caucasian Chalk Circle at Carnegie Mellon when she was 5, to hookers, nurses, lawyers, demented fairies, cult leaders, mayors, crisis counselors and of course moms – crazy and otherwise – with a side of moms-on-the-phone (Andrew Garfield’s in Under The Silver Lake, and President Obama’s grandmother in Southside With You). She was recently seen on American Horror Story and The Morning Show reading Jennifer Aniston the riot act. Movies include Star 80, Exterminator 2 and the upcoming Maxxxine, where she plays the scariest role of all – casting director. Her favorite “son” is Stefan, whom she cast in her award-winning short, Guitar Lessons. She is over the moon delighted to be working with him again. Love to her beautiful, real-life daughters, Jesse and Savannah Holcomb. 


Tatum is an actress, writer, and producer. You may have seen her recently on Impeachment: American Crime Story across Edie Falco. Tatum also stays busy in the indie film world, with several projects currently in the works. Her favorite role and accomplishment, thus far, has been her one-woman show, Redeem(her): How I Screwed Up My Perfect Mormon Life, which she’s performed in Edinburgh, New York, Los Angeles, and her home state of Utah. Redeem(her) has received 5 stars and rave reviews, a writing award for Best Drama, and was featured on BBC 4 Radio. Performing Redeem(her), where she portrays 18 different characters, has set her up for success in portraying “Her” in Ophelia. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be on stage with Stefan and Deborah to tell this magical story. She would like to thank her husband, Spencer, for being by her side through the light and the dark.

STEFAN MARKS – “Son” – (Playwright/Director)

Stefan sometimes acts in his own plays, including The Mirror at The Two Roads Theatre and The Tourniquet, The Singing Skeleton, Space, Middle8 & Hello (LA Ovation Awards for Lead Actor/Playwriting) at The Stella Adler Theatre. TV/Film acting credits include: Velvet Buzzsaw, Bosch: Legacy, Criminal Minds, Matador & Red Leaf Complex. As a playwright his other plays include: Baseball, White Whine with Roman Blanco, Sitcom the play, T4P – What the Hell Happened?, The Good Year and Lucy & The Wolf. Stefan is a happy voice over/commercial actor at CESD and is also a proud member of the LA based rock group, THE FOUR POSTMEN. He would like to thank Deborah for casting him many moons ago and fostering such a wonderful friendship. Special thanks to the “law firm” of: Marco, EP, RW, Paula & Pearsons. Lastly, he would like to thank his family and all his amazing friends for their love and/or support – many of whom assisted on this play, big time!

AMY BRADDOCK – (Understudy for “Her”)

Amy is an actress, writer, producer. You may have recently seen her on The Rookie: Feds opposite Britt Robertson. Just last year, she had the good fortune to work with actors Julie Benz (Dexter), Chris Mulkey (Whiplash) and Richard Riehle (Office Space). Amy has a deep love for Indie Film and is a part of a collective of creatives who have several projects in the works—including a short she is producing, co-writing and co-starring in this spring. Amy is grateful for the opportunity to support this beautiful story. She would like to thank the friends who are like family, her mom, Jaden and Mario for their endless support and belief in her.



Produced by: Null Set Productions

Writer/Director: Stefan Marks

Technical Director/Lighting Design: Mark Svastics

Set Design: Stefan Marks & Mark Svastics

Stage Manager: Bobby Pearsons

Tech Op: Stephen Epstein

Costume Design: Paula Higgins

Publicist: Sandra Kuker PR 

Social Media: Mia Christou

Web Design: Matt Kaminsky

Casting Assistants: Matt Kaminsky & Keith Middleton

Poster Design: Ethan Kaminsky • Kaminsky Productions

Stage Crew: Mark Svastics, Bobby Pearsons, Matt Kaminsky, Steve Epstein.